CDA Programs
The company has 45-50 CDAs at present who are incharge for covering the
We are having a captive power plant of 9 MW bagasse-based power. We are planning


We are one of the leading producers of sugar in Bihar. We have enhanced the crushing capacity of our sugar mill from 2500 TCD to 7000 TCD (Tons crushed per day) and sugar production capacity of MT per annum. We produce superior quality white crystal cane sugar of various grades which has a wide market acceptance.


We are producing green power. The sugar plant is having a captive power plant of 9 MW bagasse-based power. We are planning to produce 12 MW of bagasse-based power which will be exported to the State Power Grid.


Bagasse, generated as a by-product, can be used profitably in two ways - for making paper and for the generation of steam/electricity. The manufacture of paper from Bagasse is an environment-friendly alternative over the conventional route of extracting pulp from trees.  The bagasse has a high heat factor, and used in the generation of electricity, which substitutes the conventional thermal alternative and eliminates the emission of greenhouse gases. At present, our sugar mills generate their power requirements from bagasse-fired boilers.

The government of India as well as Bihar Government is encouraging the co-generation of power from bagasse. By using the bagasse in generation of power/electricity the company can achieve two things: an improved return for sugar mills and the generation of electricity, which is in short supply in India.

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